The Drop Collection originates from the period 1975-2007, and from events that took place in a small Jutland hamlet called Krogager, near the town of Grindsted. This is the story of a father and his four children who founded Design Asmussen, a company that was to become the point of focus for the family and their employees.

All four children were active at the company from an early age until they reached young adulthood. Many Asmussen designs were family projects that started with a simple drawing, often inspired by Mother Nature. Some family members were involved in the design phase while others took care of production, delivery, marketing and trade fairs. In time, Asmussen’s sons- and daughters-in-law were also actively involved in the company. The company was magnanimous, and there was great esprit de corps and affection for the products.

Hugo Asmussen originally trained as a blacksmith. An inventor by nature, he created many different types of products, including designer furniture. Hugo Asmussen – he preferred just Asmussen – was a skilled artisan, who was always on the lookout for new opportunities. He was insatiably curious about materials and design, and known to drive a hard bargain.

Once, while preparing for a furniture trade fair, Hugo Asmussen found that he needed a few ornaments to spice up his trade fair stand. He drew sketches of The Drop Collection. These designs were then developed for production. The first Asmussen products were produced at home while Asmussen was still working as a farm manager. When he discovered that there was a demand for his products, he set up Design Asmussen and left farming to focus on his new company.

Design Asmussen was a small company in which a benevolent and familiar approach to employees and suppliers was a core value. Along with a sense of community that is typical of rural Jutland society, the unique working environment at the company encouraged diversity. Quality and dedication to the products were paramount.



About 45 years on, the candlesticks are still in great demand. These classic designs are traded, for example, via vintage websites in Denmark and abroad. There is also a demand for new Asmussen products. After a ten-year break and in consultation with her siblings, Anette Asmussen took steps to relaunch the products.

For Anette, the relaunch is a journey back in time, meeting up with former suppliers, some of whom have joined the new team. Anette has even unearthed the original press moulds, and these are in use again.


in Denmark

Design Asmussen is a Danish company and a focal point for the Asmussen family. Selected Danish manufacturers and suppliers take care of every aspect of Design Asmussen products – from design and production to marketing and distribution.

We cast all our products in brass. Then they are burnished and finished with 24 carat gold electroplating. Our manufacturing processes require expertise and precision as even the slightest imperfection and smallest speck of dust would impair the end product.

Made in Denmark, Design Asmussen products are superlative examples of professional skill and elegance. Our products represent Danish design at its very best. In connection with the relaunch of Design Asmussen products, the company made a conscious decision never to compromise with regard to the history or quality of its products. Now as then, manufacturing processes are subject to stringent quality requirements, which were and will continue to be the cornerstone of our company’s success. As our customer, you receive a timeless and durable product linked for eternity to the history of a Danish family dedicated to design and quality.


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